Cruise Lines

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Cruise Holidays with Century Travel

Sitting down to pick the right cruise for you, is like going to a speed-dating event. You can’t take all day getting to know someone, but you need to figure out whether your personalities match. In cruise speak, that translates to the fact there are many cruise lines from which to choose — but who’s got the time to winnow out the mismatches? While cruise lines try to persuade travellers they can offer an all-things-to-all-people on-board experience, we’re increasingly seeing them carve out distinctive lifestyle niches. Celebrity is aiming at the spa and gourmet traveller, NCL is focusing on mass-appeal food and entertainment, and Royal Caribbean is targeting active families.

Still, picking the perfect ship — like choosing the perfect love match — is tricky. Even if cruise lines seem similar at first, they all have their own perks and quirks. And even the same line can offer different experiences based on the age and size of a ship and the destination and time of year you’re sailing. This is where our team are able to shine. We really have the expertise and knowledge to assist in selecting the perfect match for you.