Variety Cruises


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Passengers tend to be well-educated, well-traveled couples and singles, mostly over 55, looking for soft adventure and historical perspective. They eschew the mob-mentality of the larger lines and are seeking a more personal experience. The seven-night cruises also appeal to honeymooners and those who have not quite retired from the business world and for whom a shorter-than-usual cruise in Greece or Africa is ideal.

Life on board

Variety Cruises caters to those who desire in-depth enrichment on a destination-focused cruise in warm weather destinations — with opportunities for soft adventure. The atmosphere is unstructured, casual and relaxed, but service is personalized and very attentive. The Variety vessels have comfortable dining venues, good quality food served at single-seatings. Limited Internet is available. Swimming/Sports platforms offer kayaks and snorkeling equipment. None of the ships have swimming pools, with a warm ocean surrounding you, this is not a facility that is required.

Enriching activities

A Variety Cruise is all about the destination, with an on-board cruise director that knows the destinations visited in expert fashion. Excursions are offered in most ports of call and these are always intimate in numbers and often led by the cruise director or a knowledgeable local guide.

A fleet to match the name

Variety Cruises' fleet includes casual sailing vessels, small motor yachts for charter and elegant, upscale yachts designed for more discerning travelers. The yachts are divided into two categories: Variety Cruises: This is the designation for the larger yachts in the fleet, ranging from 22 to 36 cabins. Four of the ships, M/Y Voyager, M/Y Harmony V, M/Y Harmony G and M/Y Pegasus (twin hulled) are motor yachts while S/C Panorama, S/C Panorama II and M/S Galileo are motor/sailing yachts. Variety Yachting: Four private yachts (including one sailing ship) accommodating from eight to 12 passengers are available for charter. Some offer high-end luxury, including Jacuzzi baths and walk-in wardrobes.


When booking a Variety Cruise, you have to remember that all of their vessels are yachts. Cabins are not large, but have everything you need. All offer en-suite facilities as well as climate control.

Explore the world

Their most unique feature is their wonderful itineraries accessing and exploring beautiful areas and islands that are often beyond the reach of large cruise ships, including island hopping cruises around the Greek Isles, Croatia and Montenegro, the Canaries, the Seychelles as well as Cuba.